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5 dishes with all the Mexican flavor

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The Mexican cuisine is very diverse and rich in flavors. There is a reason it is one of the most acclaimed internationally, and declared by UNESCO to be an Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity. The stews, the tacos, the meats and seafood, and especially the sauces, all make Mexico a unique place where eating is a true pleasure.

The most basic ingredients in the continent are put together to create endless dishes full of tradition, color and flavor. From North to South of the Mexican Republic we can find very different fares, typical of each of the States; Cancun offers us a remix of them all, so that visitors can take good memories with them and nationals don’t forget their origins.

In our Martini Lounge Bar & Restaurant we can find some very distinctive dishes that are representative to our Mexican culture. Keep on reading to know more, and don’t forget to try them if you visit us.


 #1 Fish Tiradito

A truly proper ceviche, made of fish cooked in lemon, ginger oil, green chili pepper, onion and cilantro. It is hot in Cancun year round, so this is a light option to refresh, eat well and tasty, and continue enjoying the beach afterwards.

 #2 “Back to life” cocktail

The ideal dish for the seafood and party lovers. This cocktail is named after the mix of sauces that marinate a variety of seafood, and it is spicy, or “picosita” as we say in Mexico. If you partied last night and today you want to make the most of the day, the “Back to life” cocktail is your best ally, because it will reinvigorate you and recharge your batteries to 100%.

#3 Beef wrap

The flavor of the North of Mexico brought to a dish in a Cancun restaurant. A giant flour tortilla stuffed with beef stew, accompanied with guacamole and Mexican salsa. A tasteful combination that leaves no one indifferent, with a lightly spicy touch.

#4 Mayan quesadillas

We are in the Mayan land and cannot forget our traditions. Try these delicious corn tortillas stuffed with chicken and cheese, served with guacamole and “pico de gallo”. Light, but chock-full of protein, to empower you to continue your day with enough strength left to go out partying at night.

 #5 Northern fajitas

Go for it! This pure Northern flavor comes served on a plate full of chicken, beef and Mexican sausage, sautéed with onions and green peppers, all accompanied -as it must be- with guacamole and Mexican salsa. A complete recipe for the big eaters.


Now you know what to try in our restaurant’s most Mexican choices. Enjoy Cancun, its beautiful beaches, the wide selection of adventure parks and activities that the area offers, but, above all, don’t go back home without trying these classic dishes. Discover all the flavor of Mexico at the Martini Lounge Bar & Restaurant.


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